Saturday, May 2, 2009


Welcome to the blogger site of the Triple C Gaming Podcast!

This first blog will mainly talk about who, what, when, where, why, and how.

- Who will be in the podcast?

Connor Remsen (Me), Which I am currently in charge of the blogging site and responsible for posting each podcast. I will also review games and hardware.

Chris Keller, Who is our main critic for Xbox 360 games. He will also talk about what's new in gaming culture, and have impressions for demos released.

And Chris Bean, our main critic for PC gaming. He will have the same job as Keller, except he will mainly be talking about the PC department.

- What is the podcast about?

This is strictly a video game podcast, but it will be loose enough so you get breaks in between. What were trying to accomplish in this podcast is point out that you can be an expert at anything you like, you just need to put yourself out their.

Since we only play on our xbox 360's and computers, the podcast will focus on that. But, we will often mention other consoles, as well.

- When will a podcast be posted?

We have agreed for each podcast to be recorded and posted every Saturday. But, it might have to be Sunday once in while. Either way, you'll be informed when a podcast is delayed.

- Where are you guys recording?

We all live in Washington State.

- Why are you guys making a podcast?

For years, I've been listening to several gaming podcasts and have always dreamed to make one with my friends. Ever since I got my first headset for my laptop. Which are the Ear force X1's from Turtle Beach. Every night playing xbox live with my friends and talking about games was what kept me up until 3:00 in the morining. It's a passion, and with other people I know who like talking about games as well, it seems perfect to start a podcast together.

- How will you guys be recording?

We will be using Skype and Audacity to record/edit each podcast. Right now, they will be posted on this site, but as we develope, we will put it up on more sites. This will be a great start.

The first show will be recorded and posted on May 9th (Saturday).

For questions or comments, you can email us at or head over to the questions and comments blog.

Be sure to download the podcast on Saturday, May 9th!

-Connor Remsen

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