Sunday, May 3, 2009

Xbox 360 Game Reviews

Hey guys,

I am the main game reviewer for the Triple-C Podcast. I am going to be reviewing most games released on Xbox 360 and also I will be reviewing game demos as well. I hope to cover most game types, however, my main focus will be on FPS type games.

I rate my games on a 1-10 scale based on Gameplay, Design, Value, ans Overall Content. I try to summarize each category in the game with as much detail as possible. I want to make sure that your gaming experience is enjoyable and also you know what games are not worth your time. I will usually try to give a quick story of the game and then describe it's features.

I will give a quick summary of the games I am reviewing, or have reviewed, on the audio Podcast, but you can read my detailed reviews on the website.

I hope you enjoy the reviews and happy gaming!


-Chris Keller